• String Art Craft Mega Activity Set for Kids

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    String Art Craft Mega Activity Set for KidsString Art Craft Mega Activity Set for KidsString Art Craft Mega Activity Set for KidsString Art Craft Mega Activity Set for KidsString Art Craft Mega Activity Set for KidsString Art Craft Mega Activity Set for KidsString Art Craft Mega Activity Set for Kids

    About this item:

    • STRING TOGETHER A WORK OF ART - Our Best-selling String Art Kit Makes 4 Different Art Canvases. Kids Can Use Our Easy To Follow Patterns Or Design Their Own! Designs Include A Rainbow, A Unicorn, Flowers, Or L-O-V-E.
    • GIVE A GLAMOROUS GIFT - This An Exceptional Way To Stimulate Creativity In Children, Tweens, And Young Teens. Looking For A Cool Gift? This Kit Is Perfect.
    • NO HAMMER, NO HASSLE - Everything Needed To Create A String Art Set Is Included– No Need To Shop For Any Supplies Or Special Tools. This Set Provides Pushpins, Instead Of Nails That Need To Be Hammered In, That Makes It Great For Beginners.
    • STRING ART IS FULL OF CREATIVITY - Designs Look Complex But Are Easy To Complete With Clear, Detailed Directions. Kids Can Also Use Our Patterns Or Design Their Own.
    • COMPLETE ARTS & CRAFTS KIT FOR CHILDREN AND TWEENS - The String Art Kit Includes Detailed Instructions, 4 Different 8.5” Sturdy White foam Canvases, 40 Yards Of Thread, And 400 + Pins & 8 Design Tracing Papers To Choose From - Everything You Need For Four fun Art Projects!

    Transform String And Pins Into Art!

    Start with string, pins, paper, and aboard and end with adorable art.

    Discover a whole new world of string art, from colorful rainbows to fashionable flowers. Learn just three techniques - Scribble, Fan, and Zigzag - to make 4 distinctive and beautiful art pieces. Use whatever background paper and string colors you like to give your string art a style that's all your own.

    A Little Yarn Can Go A Long Way

    This DIY room décor string art kit is perfect for encouraging your kids to use their imagination and creativity and decorate their rooms at the same time.

    If you’re looking for something that makes the most perfect gift for your kids for any occasion, then you’re looking at the right kit. This string art kit can keep kids engaged for hours. They’ll be proud of the beautiful pieces of art created by them, which they can use to decorate their room or cherish as a keepsake.

    Kids will learn different techniques and get unique ideas on how to create their own style board. They will start with foam board, backgrounds, and then use their own designs to decorate using stickers, flowers, threads, sequins, etc.

    Great Decorations For Your Kid’s Rooms Created By Them

    It’s the perfect way to encourage your kids to decorate their room with these fun foam boards and all the decorations that come with them.

    Small Craft To Encourage Big Creations

    This kit provides the tools but your kid’s imagination and style let them decorate these fun boards. These make great gifts for kids 6+ to keep them engaged indoors for hours.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews
    Jennifer Cottonham
    Great gift for kids 10 and up

    Great gift for kids about 8 to10 years old and up because of the plastic pins. I didn't like how easily the pins could come out if place.

    Gift for a birthday

    It will be given as a birthday gift later this month….

    Kindle Customer
    My child loves it

    Love it!

    Sarah Nelson
    Great crafting idea for girls

    Great craft idea for my niece

    S. Harrison
    Very cute gift

    Very cute gift for my 9 year old niece, she loves crafts and will be super excited to use this set