• Paint Your Own Unicorn Glitter Globe Craft Kit

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    Paint Your Own Unicorn Glitter Globe Craft KitPaint Your Own Unicorn Glitter Globe Craft KitPaint Your Own Unicorn Glitter Globe Craft KitPaint Your Own Unicorn Glitter Globe Craft KitPaint Your Own Unicorn Glitter Globe Craft KitPaint Your Own Unicorn Glitter Globe Craft KitPaint Your Own Unicorn Glitter Globe Craft Kit

    About this item:

    • ALL-INCLUSIVE PAINT YOUR OWN UNICORN KIT: Everything your kid needs to create the most whimsical unicorn and fairytale snow globe is here. Our complete paint kit for kids includes all the necessary accessories, paints, and tools!
    • CREATE YOUR OWN SNOW GLOBE & MINI UNICORNS: Our unicorn painting set will offer your child the opportunity to make his/her own magical snow globe, clay rainbows, and adorable mini unicorns! Surprise a loved one with this unique present for their birthday or Christmas.
    • GLITTER, AND SPARKLE AND MAGIC, OH MY: This mega-value unicorn craft kit for kids includes 1 x paint your own ceramic unicorn, 1 x snow globe, 12 x paint pods, glitter, stickers, rhinestones, and many more magical accessories!
    • A TOUCH OF MAGIC: You get a bonus gift when purchasing this kit! Use the 4 tubes of glitter to create magic potions and cast a spell on your friends! Mix your glitters together to form all kinds of magical potions.
    • ORDER YOUR B ME KIDS SET WITH CONFIDENCE: The kid-safe design combined with the non-toxic materials will make this girls’ arts and crafts kit ideal for your child. Every single B. Me product is backed by our no-nonsense guarantee – for your peace of mind.

    Sparkle Up Your Kid’s Afternoons!

    If you’re looking for a way to keep your kids happily occupied and away from tablets and cell phones, we have got the solution for you! Our craft kits offer much more to their mental development. They’ll be so proud to realize they’re artistic potential and will have so much fun creating.

    Even if your kids get easily bored you can be sure that they won’t be able to keep their hands off this project.

    Introducing The Ultimate Ceramic Painting Kit for Kids by B Me!

    Encourage your little artists to get creative and let their wild imaginations loose.

    Rainbow colors, fun stickers, and a lot of glitters will be the perfect companions in this magical journey through a fantasy world. Watch them create a beautiful unicorn glitter globe, starting from scratch, and have the time of their lives in the meantime!

    Join your children, color with them, have fun with the stickers, get messy, sparkle up, and bond with them through fun and games.

    Every Day Is A Sparkling Unicorn Day!

    There is not a day, a moment, or an occasion that is not right for some creative activities! Picture this: It’s a rainy, dark day and you are sitting in your room gloomy and bored out of your mind wishing for something interesting to happen.

    And Then… Magic, Sparkle, And Glitter Fill Up The Entire Room!

    The B Me clay unicorn kit is here to bring the colors of the rainbow and the magical fairy sparkles of a unicorn in your life! It’s also the perfect activity to cheer up a slow birthday party. Create teams and see who can make the most mesmerizing globe. The Sky's the limit with this unicorn craft kit.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    Does this clay dry?

    Great little craft project. However, it's been a week since we've had our little clay sculpture for the globe sitting out and there's no way that I can add the water and let this thing be a snow globe because it's still too malleable. It would just collapse or come apart. Furthermore, I'm not so sure that we got a complete set of instructions with this kit. Do we have to bake the clay? I'm going to try baking it so we can actually complete this.

    Jeanie B.
    Very nice craft project for kids

    Got this for both my 7 and 5 year old girls for Christmas. They have had a blast making them. I will say that the little unicorn inside the snow globe, you have to build yourself with included modeling clay. This was challenging for my kids. I ended up going to the local dollar store and buying a mini unicorn and putting that into the snow globe for them. Overall, very nice quality and everything you need is included with the kit. Definitely recommend this as a gift.

    S. WilderS. Wilder
    Its okay

    I gifted this to my 10 year old who collects snow gloves. I painted it up and glittered it down. The rainbow and unicorn made from my hands was not happening. She is happy with what she got but it's not as pretty as the one on the box. The stickers so not stick and once you stick the gems, leave them or the paint will come off.

    Betsy L Trujillo G
    The globe and the unicorn doesn't the rights measure

    beautiful my litle girl love it, just have some defective meassure the unicorn base and the globe, so my husband had to figured how to repair it

    Nice Activity !

    I bought for my nieces 7th birthday 🎁 she loves it & we decorated it together ! it’s heavy not light weight which is good,paint several layers for best results not worth $20 more like $12.99 but she was happy so it’s cool !