• Grow Your Own Crystal Pod Pack for Kids

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    Grow Your Own Crystal Pod Pack for KidsGrow Your Own Crystal Pod Pack for KidsGrow Your Own Crystal Pod Pack for KidsGrow Your Own Crystal Pod Pack for KidsGrow Your Own Crystal Pod Pack for KidsGrow Your Own Crystal Pod Pack for KidsGrow Your Own Crystal Pod Pack for Kids

    About this item:

    • SCIENCE AT ITS FINEST - Be your own little scientist and discover the wonders of crystal growing. Your little one will love our crystal growing kit with its easy to use instructions and 3 vibrant crystal powders to choose from.
    • GROW’ BIG OR GO HOME - With our new hydro-grow formula, you’ll get bigger and better crystals than ever before. The kit includes 3 seeds and powders that will make 3 different colored crystals. Your kids will fall in love with its unique design and will love displaying it in their room.
    • NO ADDITIONAL TOOLS REQUIRED - Our kit has everything you need to make your own crystal garden. It includes 3 crystal seeds, 3 crystal growing cups, 3 display cases and all the other tools required to help your mini scientist make 3 sparkling crystals.
    • GROW A GIFT OR GIFT THIS GROWING CRYSTAL KIT - Surprise your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews or anyone else with this awesome birthday, Christmas or holiday gift. Kids can even grow the crystals and then give them to their friends as a totally unique and special present.
    • SCIENCE AND SAFETY TO THE MAX - Our products are safe and fun to use. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with our Crystal Pod Pack. If your kids don’t absolutely love this product, reach out to us and we’ll make it right.

    It’s Crystal Clear, Kids Will Love This Project

    Science has never been this much fun before! Get ready for an easy science experiment that will blow your mind! All you’ll need to do is add our special powder to hot water, mix it well, and then add your crystal seed. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Our step by step instructions will make it easy for kids to follow along and they'll even learn how natural crystals grow and are formed.

    With a Little Help, They’ll Go a Long Way

    Kids will need a little help boiling the water for this experiment. Otherwise, they can mostly do it on their own. Build their confidence by letting them discover their scientific abilities and independence. Kids will learn precision and patience because the crystal needs 7 days to fully grow! They’ll wake up every morning eager to check the progress of their crystal.

    Display Them With Pride

    Included are 3 custom dome displays with clear covers so kids can show off what they’ve accomplished. These crystals will brighten up their room or can be given as a gift. Your kid’s friends will surely love receiving this unique and homemade gift.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 33 reviews
    Sierra Young
    Almost perfect

    My kids and I really enjoyed doing this project together They thought it was so cool (Ages 4-10) The only complaint I have is that when removing the crystal after the amount of time it needed to develop it wasnt shaped how it was supposed to be and was stuck to the bottom of the bowl it grew in It was hard to remove and did not come out in the shape that you see in the picture

    W SH

    We did twice of these experiment My son was very excite at the first about this but every time we were being very carefully and followed the directions on the paper Unfortunately both times didnt grow in a shape that showed on the website It also very fragile easy break off and the water easy melted with any temp water when I tried to clean up

    These were just ok

    This is an ok Crystal kit that is cool for kids to learn how crystals form They took awhile to form tho and when they dried out they formed a white “mold” on the outside It was very simple to make and comes with clear instructions You get white red and blue They didnt come with the globe piece shown on the box and just had plastic square containers you mix the powder and water in which was a bummer because I was hoping to keep them as a keepsake for my daughter I dont know if these would constitute as real crystals but it does form “Crystal” chunks

    Easy to set up; not quite as depicted in photos

    The powder is not identified in the instructions but is probably ammonium dihydrogen phosphate (aka monoammonium phosphate), since that’s how it was identified in another kit I have and the crystals look similar. Wikipedia identifies this as relatively non-toxic and not deliquescent (so it shouldn’t absorb moisture from the air and lose its crystalline form). The red and blue are just the same chemical, with dye added. Setup is straightforward. We weren’t able to get all of the powder to dissolve; there were a few fine grains left over no matter how much we stirred.Within about 12 hours, there were ~5mm crystals on the seed rock (glass blob covered with small crystals), as well as on the floor and walls of the container. After a couple of days, there were nice long crystals growing from the “seed” stone and shorter crystals on the floor of the container (from the leftover grains mentioned above). I should have taken them out after about a week, but made the mistake of waiting longer. Enough water evaporated to expose the tops of the crystals, and the exposed parts grew smaller crystals on them, giving a fuzzy appearance. Also, the crystals on the floor and walls of the container were now longer. You can see this in the photos. The photos also show that the blue and red dyes are unevenly and thinly distributed. I think the plain clear crystals look best.The display bases and dome covers look, in the product photos, like nice acrylic or similar. Instead, they’re thin plastic of the sort used in disposable food-service packaging. The clear lid fits onto the base but doesn’t snap shut.

    Wayne Berg
    Doesn't structure as shown.

    The White Crystal worked wonderfully! Great fun! However, the other 2 colors bled just about everywhere and as well the crystalline structure was very fragile and did not grow UP, but SIDEWAYS.