• DIY Crystal Growing Experiment Kit for Kids

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    DIY Crystal Growing Experiment Kit for KidsDIY Crystal Growing Experiment Kit for KidsDIY Crystal Growing Experiment Kit for KidsDIY Crystal Growing Experiment Kit for KidsDIY Crystal Growing Experiment Kit for KidsDIY Crystal Growing Experiment Kit for Kids

    About this item:

    • TAKE SCIENCE TO THE MAX: Brighten your kid's day with an engaging science experiment that will make science class look a lot more exciting: The Science To The Max crystal growing kit for kids will introduce your child to science in a fun way.
    • BIGGER, BETTER, BRIGHTER CRYSTALS: Your son or daughter will grow bigger, better, and glitterier crystals thanks to our new, advanced Hydro-Glow technology. Every light up crystal growing kit makes up to 4 large crystals.
    •  DISPLAY YOUR KID'S CRYSTALS WITH PRIDE: Help your kid impress his/her friends with a beautiful dome display with eye-popping LED lighting. The illuminated display case will make your kid's crystals pop in the dark and dazzle everyone.
    • SPOIL YOUR CURIOUS LITTLE SCIENTIST: Surprise your son, daughter, nephew, niece, grandson, granddaughter or students with an all-inclusive crystal grow kit for children and engage them in a brilliant, educational activity.
    • NO SPECIAL SKILLS NEEDED: This crystal growing experimental kit includes all the necessary supplies for 4 big and sparkling crystals. Just follow the simple, illustrated instructions and your kid’s magnificent crystals will be ready in just 7 days. Packaging may vary.

    Science Class Has Never Been This Exciting!

    Discover the Science To The Max grow your own crystals kit for kids.

    Spark your child’s imagination, creativity, and scientific curiosity with a STEM crystal growing lab kit that will make growing crystals easy and interesting.

    Keep your little ones engaged and entertained for hours with a convenient crystal making kit for boys and girls of all ages.

    This crystal making kit will make you wish you had it as a kid.

    Help your child spend less time playing video games or watching cartoons and more time enjoying a real scientific experiment at the comfort of your home.

    This hands-on chemical experiment requires no special knowledge but it will definitely trigger your kid’s curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

    And the best part? Your kid will have 4 chunky crystals to show off at the end of the experiment.

    It’s Crystal Clear: Your Kid Will Love This Crystal Science Kit.

    Your kid will embark on a breath-taking scientific adventure with the Science To The Max crystal grow kit. Replace boring board games or constructions sets with a real-life scientific wonder that will develop in front of your kid’s eyes.

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      Customer Reviews

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      Douglas Robeck
      Fast shipping

      Granddaughters Xmas gift she should love it

      Great decoration for roomnice craft to do with your kids & Good customer service with kind supplier

      This is a great craft after completion If your crystals dont grow after one week as it says in the manual to discard the liquid I would suggest to let the crystals continue grow in the liquid for as long as you see it growingFrom the pictures I attached I let the crystals continue growing for about 3 whole weeks as after the 1st week the crystals barely grew…but after 3 weeks they grew wonderfully… be sure to put a paper underneath as some splashes/mess occur during the growth…My kids really enjoyed to see the development of the crystals as they grew differently everydayWhen we put the crystals in the globe it lighted only 1-2 times after that no light which got my kids disappointedeven we couldnt put batteries underneath as it seems glued we couldnt open it at all I then contacted the supplier who kindly accepted to send another kit free of charge…

      Great STEM gift for my friends son

      I highly recommend gifts that stimulate creative thought and observations

      Kayla S
      Worked like a charm

      My 8yr old son absolutely loved doing this and wanted me to make sure I put a 5 star review on it They turned out great


      Awesome present for my nephew and great gift to enjoy with who u get it for plus its science and good activity