• Body Bling Boutique Temporary Tattoo For Girls

    Brand : Creative Kids

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    Body Bling Boutique Temporary Tattoo For GirlsBody Bling Boutique Temporary Tattoo For GirlsBody Bling Boutique Temporary Tattoo For GirlsBody Bling Boutique Temporary Tattoo For GirlsBody Bling Boutique Temporary Tattoo For GirlsBody Bling Boutique Temporary Tattoo For GirlsBody Bling Boutique Temporary Tattoo For Girls

    About this item:

    • GIRLS, ADD CUTE BLING TO YOUR BODY with this awesome kit of glittery, shimmery, multicolored tattoos, which contains everything you need to get started and make your own tattoos easily, in just 30 seconds!
    • LOOK STUNNING AT YOUR BIRTHDAY PARTY: Be creative and underline your personal style! This cool set of temporary body paint art tattoos for parties is made for girls that want to turn heads at the playdate or the party.
    • GET ALL YOU NEED TO START RIGHT NOW: Find in the box 4 colored, 2 gold, 2 silver and 2 glow in the dark tattoo sheets with the jewel sheet, glitter pots and brushes that will create your super trendy looks.
    • APPLY & REMOVE YOUR TATTOOS IN NO TIME: Your face and body glitter tattoos are easy to apply. Just follow the simple instructions to complete your style! To remove,just wash your skin with water and soap wash.
    • ORDER YOUR OWN KIT + ONE FOR YOUR FRIEND: No doubt your friends will start asking questions about your glitter tattoos! Make your best friend's day with an unforgettable birthday, Christmas or holiday gift!

    Parents, Help Your Princess Upgrade Her Style With Unique Glitter Tattoos!

    If your fashionista loves glitter, temporary tattoos, and DIY craft kits, it’s your lucky day, Surprise your fashion-icon with an awesome glitter tattoo kit for girls who want to stand out!

    Introducing The Body Bling Boutique Glitter Tattoos Set, by Creative Kids!

    Shine, glamour, charm… no woman can resist the temptation of looking prettier – and this starts at a very early age. If you want to help your girl underline her trendy looks, a glitter tattoo set is an answer! They will add sparkle to her style while keeping her creative!

    Let Your Girls Happily Play With A Refreshing Activity Set!

    Give your girls all they need to create their own body tattoos! Watch them put their energy into picking cute tattoo patterns from the box and follow the simple instructions to complete their beautiful crafts! Let them immerse in a relaxing, calming, and rewarding activity that will teach them how to make the most of color combinations.

    Sprinkle Magic Dust To The Party Or Playdate!

    Open the box on your girl’s birthday party and hand the tattoo sheets, glitter pots, brushes, glue, stencils, and body markers to your daughter’s guests, to set the special event on fire! Made of safe materials, hypoallergenic, and easy to apply, the Body Bling glitter tattoos are ideal for girls aged 6 years – but they will be adored by your teenaged girl as well!

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    Customer Reviews

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    Exactly as described

    Purchased for my 9 yo niece. She loved it! The markers worked well, the glue and glitter were easy to use and adhered well. This set was exactly what I expected, but a bit simple for my niece. The glue was similar to clear school glue in consistency and stickiness. after drying it stayed well & could peel off. The markers were easy to use on skin and once dry stayed on without rubbing off on fabric. As soon as it got wet, it came off! Major disappointment was the stencils. They were not simple to use, she couldn't have done it herself, and the instructions were the opposite of helpful. Instead of the yellow paper being the stencil (as shown) the *clear plastic sticker* is the piece to work off and use. Being clear made it difficult to see to decorate as well. All in all I am very glad I bought it. The glitter alone made my niece giggle at her mother's reaction!


    Muy completo y de buena calidad

    Jennifer A.

    My 8 & 13 yr old daughters really like it! Easy to use & super cute stencils. 10/10 would recommend.

    Kevin Tayman
    Christmas Gift

    This was a Christmas present for my 8 year old Grandaughter she loved it.


    Kept my niece busy all day Easy to use and lots of choices