• Baby Shark Button Art - Color Match Pegboard For Kids

    Brand : Creative Kids

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    Baby Shark Button Art - Color Match Pegboard For KidsBaby Shark Button Art - Color Match Pegboard For KidsBaby Shark Button Art - Color Match Pegboard For KidsBaby Shark Button Art - Color Match Pegboard For KidsBaby Shark Button Art - Color Match Pegboard For KidsBaby Shark Button Art - Color Match Pegboard For KidsBaby Shark Button Art - Color Match Pegboard For Kids

    About this item:

    • Baby Shark Designs: Match & insert buttons into place to complete 9 Baby Shark design pages 
    • Support Kids Development: This educational toy is perfect to develop kids fine motor skills, creativity, and imagination 
    • What’s Inside: Craft and explore Baby Shark family characters matching 46 colorful buttons and 9 super cool design sheets, storage case included 
    • Great Gift Idea: Surprise your kids with this fun and bright gift perfect for a birthday party or any holiday 
    • Order with Confidence: This easy to use button art is non-toxic and totally safe for kids to play with, adult supervision is recommended 

    Create Some-fin Amazing 

    Give kids a craft that will help their overall development while having fun. Kids will improve dexterity and fine motor skills by carefully grasping, inserting and pulling their button art. As visual motor and creativity get developed, it will provide them with opportunities for trying out new ideas and will promote new ways of thinking. Provide them with the perfect creative outlet that will motivate them to exercise their creative thinking.   

    Follow along in the instructions for step-by-step directions that make it easy for little kids to create shark masterpieces. They will be able to complete 9 boards using 46 chunky buttons. Each board is underwater themed and full of bright colors. You can even create your own designs by only using the pegboard and buttons! Reuse the boards again and again by storing everything in the storage tray so nothing gets lost. Once complete, your DIY shark art will be something out of a fanta-sea! 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Nice set

    My daughter loves Baby Shark and button art, so this was perfect for her. This set has some of the same types of pictures as other similar button art sets, but with the Shark family included in the pictures. Great quality, beautiful colors.


    Okay so this had my little one engaged for no more then 10 mins before she decided it was not that fun and the buttons are hard to remove to redo

    The Anti Bridezilla
    My daughter loves these!

    I was initially concerned that this button art toy wouldn't hold my daughter's attention but she loves it. The buttons are easy for her to handle, she adores Baby Shark, and I like that it's self-contained. The only bad part I do see is that while she's inserting a button, the force required to snap it into place can cause some of the other buttons to lift a bit.

    Yolanda Gibson
    A great kids great!

    Great gift for learning, and helping kids grow!

    Pegg legggPegg leggg
    Button toy

    This is made of plastic and thin cardboard. It comes with a red tray, holy yellow top, 9 colorful template pages and 46 colorful buttons.Each pattern has a different combination of punched out holes to place buttons in. You can color match the buttons to the background or make your own color patterns.My 2.5 year old likes to fill in the buttons. They go in easiest when placing from directly above, they have some resistance if put in at an angle. The buttons have collars in their design so they sit about 1/8" from the face of the colored scene so it's easy to take them out.Most of the buttons come out if I tip it upside down. They can be stored under the tray along with the patterns when not in use.