80 Pack Of Party Favors Play Dough - Bulk Party Pack (1 oz tubs)

SKU: KD-80PACK-77485

Bring Home The Gift That Your Children Will Not Be Able To Stop Playing With!

And hey…who said fun and education don’t go hand in hand? The best way to set the foundations for a quality future education is to let your children explore their senses, unleash their creativity and get in touch with their inner artists.

Plus, if you are looking for a special and playful way to spice up your upcoming birthday party for kids, you are at the right place!

Presenting The Colorful & Vibrant Party Favors You Need To Elevate That Special Occasion!

Our all-inclusive set includes 80 dough containers that your children can play with and fashion countless different shapes and designs. Fusing fun and quality, our party favors are just what you need to keep your kids busy while you interact with your guests!

Plus, if you need to entertain your children during a play date or birthday party, just pack up the supplies and take them to go!

And did we mention that these dough containers make the perfect Trick or Treat handout for all those children ringing your doorbell? Hand out safe and awesome treats that contain NO sugar and spark creativity and imagination instead!

Safety & Quality Compound
The dough compound is to be skin-friendly and safe towards your kids’ health and well-being.

Spark Imagination & Creativity
Due to its gooey nature, your kids can use this dough compound to roll, twist and shape it into any form, then mash it together and restart from scratch!

Every Kid Will Feel Included
With 80 palm-sized containers, there’s enough dough for every little kid to have fun! Suitable for 3 year old kids and up!

Improve Fine Motor
Plus, it’s a smart and sneaky way to improve your children’s fine motor skills and allow them to get in touch with colors, shapes and their creative skills