Spa Bath Bombs Gift Set – The Scents Collection - Pack of 12

SKU: BM-BB12-77877

Relax in the swirly, scented bliss of your very own spa escape!

Pampering yourself with peaceful serenity and soothing hydration has never been as fun as with these lush, luxurious Bath Bombs from B Me Spa. Featuring 12 irresistible scents and a variety of bright, exciting, effervescent colors, our bulk pack is the ultimate answer for tired moms, trendy teens and restless kids everywhere.

Detox in style as The Scents Collection delivers a satisfying assortment of your favorite aromatherapy fragrances ranging from sweet, subtle florals to bright, invigorating tropical fruits. Each extra-large bomb bursts upon contact with water, releasing an exhilarating hurricane of bubbles and a comforting swirl of magnificent color. Once dissolved, essential oils fill the bath to moisturize dry, flaky skin and leave a delicate perfume that lingers for hours.

Best of all, these charming kits come ready to gift with each bomb wrapped individually, placed in a secure holder, and packed inside our pretty box with plenty of paper filler. No more worrying about the perfect present for a birthday, anniversary or Sweet Sixteen. Give the gift of ultimate spa indulgence

What You Get

  • 12 x Bath Bombs
  • 1 x Gift box w/ decorative filler
  • A lovely gift for women and men alike
  • The ultimate collection for spa enthusiasts!

Specs & Details

  • Bomb count: 12
  • Bomb size: 80g (2.82 oz)
  • Total: 1920g (67.68 oz)
  • Made w/ safe, non-toxic ingredients
  • Recommended ages 6+

How to Enjoy

  • Unwrap a bomb and prepare for heavenly relaxation
  • Toss it in the tub and enjoy the fizzy action
  • Give a blissful gift for all ages!
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