• DIY Magic Bouncy Balls Factory Set

    Brand : Creative Kids

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    DIY Magic Bouncy Balls Factory SetDIY Magic Bouncy Balls Factory SetDIY Magic Bouncy Balls Factory SetDIY Magic Bouncy Balls Factory SetDIY Magic Bouncy Balls Factory SetDIY Magic Bouncy Balls Factory SetDIY Magic Bouncy Balls Factory Set

    About this item:

    • GOTTA BOUNCE THEM ALL - Now You Can Surprise Your Kid With An All-In-One DIY Bouncy Ball Maker Kit That Will Help You Create Your Own Adorable Magic Bouncy Balls! The Creative Kids Magic Bouncy Ball Factory Set Is Here To Take Your Bouncy Ball-Making Skills To The Next Level And Impress Everyone!
    • TURN SIMPLE POWDER INTO MAGIC BALLS - The Creative Kids Educational Make Your Own Bouncy Ball Kit For Kids Will Allow Your Children To Develop Essential Skills While Playing. Help Your Little One Sharpen His/Her Hand-Eye Coordination, Fine Motor Skills, Creativity And Imagination While Having Fun!
    • POUR, MOLD, DUNK, REPEAT - Our DIY Bouncy Ball Maker Set Makes Up To 75 Stunning Bouncy Balls, Including 3 Eye-Popping Light-Up Magic Balls That Will Sweep Your Kids Off Their Feet! Plus, You Will Be Able To Create Multi-Color Bounce Balls By Layering The Colored Crystal Powders.
    • WOW ALL YOUR LITTLE PARTY GUESTS - If You Are Looking For A Fun, Engaging And Entertaining Party Activity, Sleepover Game Or Play Date Activity, You Should Look No Further! Our All-Inclusive Bouncy Ball Kit For Kids Will Keep All Your Kid's Friends Occupied, Engaged And Entertained For Hours!
    • NOBODY CAN SAY NO TO A BOUNCY BALL - Don't Worry! We Will Not Tell Your Kids That You Are Secretly Making Your Own Bouncy Balls While They Are Asleep! We Know How Addictive Our Bounce Ball Factory Set Can Be! Just Make Sure To Follow The Simple Instructions And Frame Your Dog For Everything!

    Kiddie playtime science goes intergalactic!

    Take your imaginative boys and girls on a planetary journey with this Magic Bouncy Ball Factory Kit from Creative Kids. Our all-in-one starter set lets little ones can create up to 75 individual power balls in every fabulous shade of the celestial rainbow.

    Part science experiment, part arts and crafts activity, the kit arrives with all the ingredients they need to make magic balls in minutes, including 64 bags of color crystal powder, 10 ball molds and easy step-by-step instructions.

    Teach your toddler how to express creativity, follow directions and work together with friends as they fill and form a variety of colorful, bouncy playthings, including creating their own light-up and Metallic bouncy balls.

    Best of all, our bulk party packs make thoughtful Christmas gifts or birthday presents, so pick up a few for future projects! You’ll love seeing their faces light up with absolute excitement.


    Now that you got your answer, it’s time to discover the ultimate kid-approved bounce ball making kit for creative kids!


    Get ready to dive head-first into a magical world of magic balls that bounce higher, have more colors than the rainbow and light up your dreams!

    Unleash your creativity and create more than 75 awesome bouncy balls with our all-in-one arts and crafts kit for boys and girls!


    Our DIY bounce ball making kit includes everything you and your kid might need in order to build dozens of epic bouncy balls and spend quality time together!



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      Customer Reviews

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      A. Wigton
      Short-lived fun

      I dont want to be too harsh, because it was fun to make the balls and my son loved his for a couple days. After about three days though, the ball mustve continued to dry out until it was a hard rock being thrown at my floors and around the house and I had to throw it away. So thats kind of a shame because I guess I just expected them to last more than a couple days. Also they advertise making so many balls because one of the ball molds is like the size of a marble. So that mold just went right into the trash as we have littler kids around here. The kit probably makes about seven or eight walnut sized balls. And my son made the square one which he thought was really fun. So yeah its fun, but dont expect anything that youre going to keep.

      Great idea!

      This is such a fun project for kids. This is our second time buying this product. It is a little messy but well worth the money and effort!

      Glenice M. Jacobs
      It is a good gift for children.

      It was a Christmas gift for my granddaughter, and she loves it!

      A great craft for kids

      The kids loved these. Was super fun for them

      missing/broken pieces

      It works and its a quick and easy fun craft However one of the four light-up cores did not work and I only received 9 of the 10 break-away molds Well I had 9 males and 11 females so the tenth mold consisted of two females I also dont really feel the need to have a tray that takes up so much space