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Be Amazing Toys CHEM REACTIONS Kit - From SciShow, as Seen on YouTube

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Be Amazing Toys CHEM REACTIONS Kit | Universe Unboxed Science Experiment Set w/ 9 Educational STEM Projects for Kids Ages 6+ | Learn Acids, Bases, Indicators, & More | From SciShow, as Seen on YouTube

  • THE EXTREME COLOR CHEMISTRY KIT - Chemistry is all around you, and in this kit, you’ll find all of the supplies and instructions you need to discover what it is and how scientists use it! It’s perfect for kids from kindergarten through middle school.
  • 9 AMAZING HANDS-ON EXPERIENCES - We created hours of activities that can be done solo or as a group! You’ll experiment with everything from color-changing paper to homemade chemical indicators.
  • STEM LEARNING AT ITS FINEST - The universe is amazing, so why shouldn’t learning about it be fun? As you do each experiment, you’ll find questions to get you thinking, opportunities to communicate what you learned to your friends and family, and explanations of how scientists use these same ideas!
  • FROM SCISHOW, AS SEEN ON YOUTUBE - SciShow is one of the Internet’s most popular science education channels on YouTube. Hank Green and the rest of the SciShow team is known for being curious about the world and explaining everything from chemistry to astrophysics, and our videos have been viewed 1 billion times.
Unbox the universe with the ultimate chemistry kit!

If your child loves hands-on learning, introduce them to the fascinating world of chemistry with CHEM REACTIONS, the latest installment from Hank Green’s SciShow. The popular YouTube series is known for sparking curiosity and wonder about all things science — and with these kits, kids can experience some of that wonder for themselves!

The kit includes nine colorful activities inspired by STEM concepts. Kids will watch paper change colors and will learn how insulators and conductors transfer heat. They’ll also learn about acids, bases, and indicators through The Colors of Chemistry, and will learn how to make their own indicator with a stinky red cabbage leaf — and that’s only the beginning! Kids also receive handy instructions for recording their predictions and observations along the way — just like a good chemist.

What’s In the Box?

  • 2 x Heat-Sensitive Paper
  • 1x 15-ml Sodium Carbonate Solution
  • 1x 0.1g Phenolphthalein Indicator
  • 3 x Jumbo Plastic Test Tubes with Lids
  • 1 x Plastic Test Tube Rack
  • 4 x 4 oz. Cups
  • 4 x Plastic Pipettes
  • 1 x 3g Red Cabbage Powder
  • 10 x pH Paper Strips
  • Detailed instructions

Specs & Details

  • Activity quantity: 9
  • Recommended for children 6 years old and up
  • Parental supervision strongly advised

How to Enjoy

  • After watching science videos on YouTube, start a fun experiment!
  • Help future scientists experience chemistry for themselves!
  • See them develop and grow with a newfound curiosity!
  • Bring a fun, educational project to your next play date!




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