Deluxe 6-IN-1 Mega Play Dough Set

42-Piece Tools Party Pack w/Letters and Numbers


Forty-two learning tools—in one convenient playset!

For generations, children have developed coordination, creativity and collaboration by playing with modeling clay. Now, with the 42-Piece Tools Party Pack by Kiddy Dough, imaginative boys and girls get their hands on something truly exciting and engaging!

This all-in-one play dough tool kit comes ready with tons of colorful utensils that let them cut, shape, mold and roll their way to endless hours of educational entertainment. Watch as they discover language and counting while strengthening their tiny hand muscles with each set’s alphabet-themed stamps and bonus extruder tools.

Our pieces are specially designed to be shallow and lightweight in construction, so they require less clay and help small fingers maneuver easier than before. If you want to give them a fun, fascinating learning experience for every play date to come, add a Kiddy Dough Tools Party Pack to your cart today!

What You Get

  • 1 x 42-Piece Tools Party Pack by Kiddy Dough
  • 2 x BONUS Kiddy Dough extruders
  • Assorted shapes that teach communication
  • A bunch of cutters, rollers, stamps, and accessories
  • An educational set that supports creativity!

Specs & Details

  • Total count: 44 pieces
  • Material: lightweight plastic
  • Nontoxic
  • Wash clean with soap and water
  • Recommended: ages 3+

How to Enjoy

  • Pair playsets with original Kiddy Dough clay
  • Let toddlers play and explore with each unique tool
  • Inspire them to collaborate on unique arts and crafts projects
  • See them spell and count through their incredible creations
  • Watch as they mold, cut and roll their way toward learning!
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