24-Piece Shape Dough Tool Kit
Deluxe 6-IN-1 Mega Play Dough Set

40 Pack Of Party Favors Play Dough + 40 Dough Tools - Bulk Party Pack (1 oz tubs)

SKU: KD-4042PARTY-77516

Presenting The Mini Dough Set That Will Speak To Every Boy’s & Girl’s Curiosity!

Your little ones will finally be able to explore the world around them with their tiny fingers and create awesome designs with this charming dough modeling set.

With every order, you will get not only 40 palm-sized dough containers, but also 40 unique dough tools which your kids can use to fashion different-shaped creations and designs!

Entertain Your Children & Earn Yourself Some Alone Time!

Keep your kids busy for hours whether you are at home or crushing a play date or birthday party. Remember! The busier your kids are with this dough set, the more time, peace and quiet mommy and daddy will have to enjoy themselves from time to time!

Put simply, out stunning party favors fuse originality with affordability to create the ideal solution for the upcoming party.

Discover The All-In-One Play Pack Your Kids Need To Express Their Inner Creativity!

Take the lid off and watch your kids explore their imagination and creativity! That’s all it takes!

Watch them get in touch with their senses and recreate everything they see around them. Watch them squeeze and squish the dough into various shapes and colors, then mash it together and start from scratch!

Your kids can slice, squish, shape and mold the dough any way they like and recreate things around them. And if you have a play date or kindergarten project, just pack up the dough and take the containers with you!

A Safe, Hand-On Craft Activity That Never Grows Old!
Rest assured that everything included in our mega set, including the containers, the dough, and they dough tools, is 100% safe and skin-friendly for your precious children.

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Customer Reviews

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Great for party favors

I purchased these for party favor bags. Perfect size, with the lid serving as a mold for the dough, various animals, etc. I liked the variety of colors, both bright and muted, plus all of the tools. Perfect for little kiddos. We put two doughs in each bag, with 2 tools, great variety of tools, numbers, animals, roller etc.