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Bulk Classroom Watercolor Paint & Brush Sets - 40 Pack

Premium Sidewalk Chalk Art Play Set - 38 PC Chalk Set


Everything Your Little Artist NEEDS, In One Basket!


The Ultimate Creative Kids Premium Sidewalk Chalk Art Play Set
Designed to be a complete children's sidewalk chalk art bundle, this set includes everything your little ones need to unleash their creativity:

  • 30 Pieces of chalk 
  • 1 Reusable storage bucket 
  • 3 Chalk holders 
  • 5 Stencils 
  • A healthy dose of wonderful artistic potential!

Give Your Little Artists The Creativity Boost They Need!
Learning how to express their creativity and exploring their artistic inclinations is an integral part of young children's development and growth.
With this sidewalk chalk art set, you're offering them the chance to do just that; learn, create, and grow - in a fun and exhilarating way!
So, What Are You Still Waiting For?

Order Your Own Creative Kids Premium Sidewalk Chalk Art Play Set Right Away!
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Customer Reviews

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Classroom Creativity!

Bought for use in my lower grade elementary classroom on the last 2 days of school before summer break! Oh my what fun .... worked in pairs to decorate sidewalk squares around the school....making summer time pictures(drawings)! They LOVED it! They felt such the times this year where they collaborated, shared creative ideas, had respectful and encouraging conversations....all when producing beautiful artwork....NOT BAD for 7-8 year-old children .... all this was the result of simple childhood “play items”.... no videos, electronic devices.... but allowing children to do what they need more time to do... having fun conversation AND being able to create! What a “novel concept” in this age of electronics and high-paced standards and curriculum! Awesome watching the children enjoy themselves...just being able to be “kiddos”!’